Cainbable Brangus

Welcome to Cainbable Brangus

It is our plan to develop a successful Brangus Stud breeding operation. We want to offer clients reliable and consistent breeding outcomes focusing on the best quality animals, producing repeatable breeding outcomes.

We have researched the Australian Brangus market and have aligned our Brangus breeding program with the most progressive Brangus genetics available. There are some basic genetic principles that we have based our Brangus breeding program on:

• Accuracy of Brangus EBV data.

• Visual (preferred) or photographic inspection of Brangus animals

• Good temperament as a strongly inheritable trait

• Good Fertility

• Good Mothers

• Good growth rates

• Moderate mature cow size

• Good caress traits

• Disease control with strong culling and vaccination programs

We hope that you enjoy reading about our Brangus stud property, the current outcomes and the future plans that we have in place. We really enjoy living, planning and working on the property.

brangus in paddock