Cainbable Brangus

About Us

 Our family has a long history of working this property for stud animals from the early 1970’s. Dad and Mum ran a combined Braford stud and commercial beef operation. Prior to this the Tilley family had possession of the land for cattle use. An old slab hut existed in Little Cainbable Ck valley that Vern Tilley advised was used by a Chinese shepherd.

The farm started out as part of the larger Nindooinbah property. It devolved into smaller properties in the 1930’s as dairies. There is ample evidence of previous dairy farming with existing old foundations for the dairy, original cream shed and workers shed. It then recombined into cattle properties with the Tilley’s securing the property under a number of deeds.

The Bundjalung mob was here way long before we came on the scene. Apparently the Royal Australian Survey Corp, Captain Vance named Mt Cainbable between 1924 and 1930 as the closest English derivation to the local dialect of “kabun-bubera” translated as “scrubby forest country”. It still is scrubby forest country.

We are located close to Lamington National Park and have blue freshwater lobsters in the creek, bullrouts, catfish, platypus, many snake varieties and a great variety of birds (many that annoy Wendy as they strip the pecans and other fruit trees each year).

 The geology is ancient similar to much of Australia. However a few million years ago the continent drifted over a geological hot spot to form Mt Warning. We have a basalt shelf around 10m below the creek level from a Mt Warning lava flow.

Our family has been involved in the cattle industry for many decades. Grandad Ross pioneered a dairy scrub block at Eungella with many family members continuing in the industry. Grandad Ruckman ran cattle at Marlborourgh and a bakery near Dad’s birthplace at Yalbaroo. Dad & Mum chose Cainbable as the right place to re-enter the cattle market. We have inherited the “Heart 2” brand from the Tilley’s. I am researching the origin of the brand as it is unique and will be retained by the Brangus stud.


That leads me to where Wendy and I are at the moment with our Brangus breeding programme.

Our 5 year Brangus breeding programme matures in 2017. Things are on track to achieve the overall objectives. The plan is based around securing the best Brangus animals available, maintaining the property assets at a sustainable level, achieving appropriate profitability and meeting client expectations for Brangus animals.

Jeff’s experience outside of the cattle industry has provided many opportunities in developing the Cainbable Brangus strategy and planning. This forms the basis of our Brangus business plan; the marketing plan and the strategic analysis of the Brangus stud industry.

Jeff’s experience in the engineering industry focuses on market driven outcomes. What the client wants and is prepared to pay for quality Brangus animals is the only way our Brangus stud and clients can be successful.

Dad and Mum’s reputation was built around quality animals. They carefully selected stock for their stud operation using the “kick the tyres” method. Their success is built on the performance and visible traits of the animals they breed. Wendy and I have taken this approach on board and extended to the next stage using Brangus Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s) as well as the traditional approach used by my parents.