Cainbable Brangus


This is the current offering of animals. More detail will be supplied on each animal in the near future including the history of their genetics and photos.



 CAN Grange J5  19/11/2013  Male   TH MISS LARGENT 820D2 TH BRYAN 236D1  Click for link

CAN Balnaves L2   28/04/2015  Male  Miss L11 911F11  McOnstar 924W4 Click for link

 CAN Serre L320/04/2015   Male  Miss L11 911F11 McOnstar 924W4   Click for link

CAN Bass L4  30/04/2015 Male Miss L11 911F11  McOnstar 924W4 Click for link


CAN Mentelle L7  29/04/2015Male   Miss Csonka 820H4 CB Final Cut 924X Click for link



CAN M Bowen J2   20/11/2013 Female  TH MISS LARGENT 820D2 TH BRYAN 236D1 Click for link

 CAN M Pope J6 22/11/2013  Female  TH MISS L11 911F11  TH GLADSTONE 920F2 Click for link

CAN M Coldstream J7  23/11/2013 Female TH MISS L11 911F11 TH GLADSTONE 920F2Click for link
CAN M. Bindi  L1 24/04/2015Female   Ms Brinks Uppercut 541P23 McReal Deal 541R3Click for link

 CAN M. Hunter L9 23/10/2015 Female   Ms Brinks Uppercut 541P23  McReal Deal 541R3Click for link

CAN13RJ5 Grange - POA
Grange is one of our best Brangus animals from the 2013 Telpara Hills 820 family line. The sire Bryan, sold for $16K. Grange has strong growth characteristics, has a large meaty frame, exhibits a quiet nature and is a good doer. His 600 day EBV places him in the top 15% of the Brangus breed. Grange has recently been VBBSE tested. We have used this bull for part of our breeding program and he is throwing quality calves. This Brangus bull will provide an excellent addition to any herd and breeding program.
Grange has been vaccinated with the following and his treatments are up to date: 7 in one, Pestigaurd, Botulism, 3 Day vaccine, 3 Germ.
 Sire  Dam 
 Telpara Hills Bryan 236D1  Telpara Hills Miss Largent 820D2

 200 day 400 day 600 day Current 
345 kg
469 kg684 kg1055 kg
 CAN13RL2 Bowen
 CAN15RL3 Serre
J3 CAN15RL4 Bass
CAN15RL7 Mentelle